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Azusa Pacific Summer Storage


Need summer storage at Azusa Pacific?

portable storage

Need Space provides students at Azusa Pacific and students moving to the LA Area to attend Azusa Pacific this year a perfect storage solution for moving to and from your dorm.

Whether a freshman or a senior, whether moving in or moving out, college life involves a lot of packing up boxes, one by one, moving them around, and then moving them inside one by one again to unpack. And if you’re storing your stuff for a while, that means moving it twice! Smart Azusa Pacific students leverage our portable storage and moving solution, making all moves a seamless process, even if you need to leave your stuff in storage with us for the summer.

How it works

Here’s how it works. Our staff brings our VW-sized storage container right to your campus and leaves it with you so you can pack, as we know that the end of the semester, when most college students move, is a chaotic time of year. You then get plenty of time to fill the storage container up at your leisure and on your time frame.

We then come again to pick the containers up for you when you’re done and we even put your stuff away for the summer until you’re ready to move back into your dorm room. When you’re ready, we drop it off again, and you can take your time getting unpacked.

The best way to store your stuff over the summer

Can you see how much more convenient this is than renting or borrowing a truck and moving everything to storage units on your own? Our storage containers create the perfect solution for students of Azusa Pacific that want a system that works for them while they take off to enjoy their summers with family and friends.

Our summer storage deal at Azusa Pacific

If you’re in need of summer storage at Azusa Pacific, order our college storage deal today!

College Summer Storage Deal

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