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Cal Baptist Student Storage


Looking for summer storage at Cal Baptist?

Cal Baptist storage

We provide our portable storage containers for Cal Baptist students for summer break and moving to and from your dorm.

Pursuing a faith-based university degree at California Baptist University? Need Space is here to serve CBU students with a unique all-encompassing storage and moving solution.

If you haven’t yet heard of portable storage containers, your life as a constantly-moving university student is about to becomes significantly simplified. Let’s go through a run-down of how we ease the transitions of passing semesters for students of Cal Baptist are.

The perfect solution for college students over summer

First, what’s a portable storage unit? Otherwise known as a mobile storage container, these convenient containers are light and transportable enough to move right to your campus, where we leave them with you to fill up at your convenience between end-of-semester obligations. After you’ve got them nicely packed, we come pick them up, and we hold them for you over the summer break if needed.

When it’s time to return to school, we deliver the portable storage containers directly to you and drop them off for you to unload. Nice, right? That means not only that you can pack on your time frame but that you only have to pack once – not to mention we handle all the moving for you as well, so no borrowing a truck from a friend or moving everything to your parent’s house.

Even though Cal Baptist students are fortunate enough to attend a university program that offers the gift of biblical learning along with academics, the school years can still be very taxing and stressful. Our unique storage and moving solution makes things that much easier, allowing you to focus on your studies.

If you’re in need of summer storage at Cal Baptist, order our college storage deal today!

College Summer Storage Deal

Get 3 Months of storage plus pickup and delivery right to your college campus for our low rate!

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