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Need summer storage at Cal Poly Pomona?

Cal Poly Pomona Student StorageAttending Cal Poly Pomona this year? Whether you’re a returning student or making the move for your first semester, you should definitely check out our storage container solutions, which are specifically designed to make your life as a college student easier.

As you probably know already, Cal Poly Pomona students are, like most college students, serial movers who are constantly packing and unpacking their apartment or dorm as the semesters come and go. Our service offers a unique, far superior alternative to traditional summer storage options. Instead of renting an entire storage unit, we drop off one of our containers right at your campus, and you can take as much time as you need filling it up with your belongings in between finals and end-of-year celebration parties.

When you’re done, give us a buzz, and our team will come over and grab your stuff for you and stash it away for the summer. When you’re ready to start your next semester as a Cal Poly Pomona student, you simply call us again and we drop it off for you to unpack, whether on-campus or off.

You won’t find a more convenient, hassle-free storage solution anywhere. Order our college storage deal today! College storage has never been so easy and hassle free!

College Summer Storage Deal

Get 3 Months of storage plus pickup and delivery right to your college campus for our low rate!

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