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Cal State Fullerton Student Storage

Looking for summer storage at Cal State Fullerton?

Cal State Fullerton Student storage

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to all Cal State Fullerton students this year and introduce our services, which make the constant cycle of packing up and moving with the passing of semesters a much smoother, easier process. Who are we? Need Space offers a unique service to Cal State Fullerton students. We’ll store your belongings for you on your summer break and deliver them back to you when you’re ready to move into your dorm.

Your life as a college student just got a little easier

Our storage containers make summer storage easy for you! College students like using our service because you can simply have us drop off a storage container at your campus instead of having to pack up all your things, rent a truck, unpack them, and do it all over again when you need to move back into your dorm.

Here’s how it works

We’ll deliver a storage container to your campus. Fill it with your belongings and take as much time as you need to do it.

Once your stuff is all packed up, you don’t even have to move it yourself. We come pick up the portable storage unit for you and take it to our secure storage center and hold on to it while you take off on your summer break.

When you’re back in town for the new semester and moving into the new place, pick up the phone and let us know. We’ll drop off your storage unit and leave it with you again so you can unpack on your own time frame.

No renting trucks, No unnecessary packing and unpacking, do it just once!

Cal State Fullerton students agree that Need Space is a no-brainer for busy college students. Order our college storage deal today!

College Summer Storage Deal

Get 3 Months of storage plus pickup and delivery right to your college campus for our low rate!

Order Today!

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