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Summer storage for Cal State Long Beach Students

Cal State Long Beach storage

If you’re attending California State University Long Beach this year and are looking for a convenient and affordable moving and storage solution this summer, look no further than our unique service for making life easier on busy college students.

Summer storage made easy

If you’re tired of traditional self storage units and expensive moving companies, you’ll definitely be interested in how storage containers combine these two imperfect services and provide a more complete way to deal with constantly moving in and out of new places with the unfolding semesters. Or maybe you just don’t feel like renting a truck and moving everything to your parent’s house or putting it in traditional self storage for the summer. We offer a much easier approach to summer storage for college student’s like you.

We can drop off our storage container directly on campus, where you can fill it up on your own schedule when you have time between the demands of everyday life as a college student.

When you’re ready for us to do so, we’ll pick up the storage unit. We’ll then store all your belongings for the entire summer and when you’re ready to move back into your dorm, drop us a line and we’ll bring your storage container back to you so you can unpack it and move back in.

Is it any wonder why portable storage is such a valuable service for Cal State Long Beach students? With all the moving you have to do over your four years in college, it can make life that much easier – and at a terrific cost!

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