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Claremont College Student Storage


Need summer storage at Claremont Colleges?

Claremont colleges storage

We provide our storage containers for Claremont College students while on summer break and moving to and from your dorm. Don’t waste your time packing all your belongings and moving your stuff back home just to bring it all back to your dorm again.

We offer a much simpler method for summer storage. We can deliver our storage container right to you at Claremont Colleges, take as much time as you need to pack it, we’ll pick it up and store it in our secure storage center until you are ready have it delivered again. That means you only have to pack and unpack one time. It’s the best way for a Claremont College students to move and store their belongings.

Ready to get started? Order our college summer storage deal today! We’d love to take care of your moving and storing needs.

College Summer Storage Deal Only $345

Get 3 Months of storage plus pickup and delivery right to your college campus for just $345!

Order Today!

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