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USC Student Storage

Summer storage for USC Students

USC student storage

If you’re a USC student, it’s time you learned about Need Space and our unique moving and storage solution. Are you ready to find out how the brightest students in this area are “hacking” the college moving experience so that they don’t have to do all the constant packing, unpacking, and moving that other students do as they move in and out of their dorms?

Welcome to the wonderful world of mobile storage, or portable storage units. They’re much like the little brothers of your traditional self storage units – only the entire units are small enough to be loaded off and on of our company trucks and are perfect for moving your stuff in and out of your college dorm. Summer storage at USC has never been easier!

Summer storage at USC made easy

What this means to you is that instead of having to pack up your stuff and haul it across town to a storage unit for the summer break, you can just have us drop a storage container off at your campus. We leave it there with you; this way you can carefully pack your stuff into it without feeling rushed and stressed out. After all, finals are stressful enough without having to rush a packing and moving job.

Once you’re done packing, we’ll go and pick up your storage unit and store it in our secure storage center for the summer. When the fall semester rolls around, we’ll deliver the unit back to your campus so you can unpack.

Ready to take advantage of this ultra convenient college moving and storage solution? Just order our college storage deal today – we’re at your service!

USC Summer Storage Deal Only $375

Store all your belongings all summer long for only $375. We’ll deliver a storage unit right on campus. It doesn’t get more convenient than this!

Call us at 877-786-7453 to book your unit today!

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