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Our On-Site storage solutions are perfect for the following:

  • Home Renovations: Keep your valuables nearby while work is being completed.
  • Home Staging: Show your home without all the clutter.
  • Commercial Developer and Contractor Storage – storage at work site.
  • Retail Storage – seasonal, overstock and surplus inventory.
  • Charities & Non-profit Organizations – Special promotions and trade shows.
  • Garage Floors
  • Flood & Fire Damage

The 16’x8’x8’ foot container size is a perfect fit for your on-site storage needs. It is made of metal and has hooks inside to safely tie down your valuables. They can store 3 to 4 moderately furnished rooms and is the size of a parking space. We recommend using this size of container for on-site storage because it is more convenient to move in and out of the larger space when you need to get to your things.

Have a small job and don’t need that much space? Our 8’x5’x7’ foot size also works on-site. This container is made of wood with a waterproof cover all around it. It can fit 1 to 2 moderately furnished rooms or up to 50 boxes. With this option you will never pay for more storage space than you need.

Both containers are lockable for your security. Please request a quote using the form to the right or give our office a call if you have any questions. 877-786-7453.

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