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Portable Storage containers

We bring storage to you!

Delivery To Your Door
You’ll save time and money by using Need Space?, Inc. because you don’t have to bother with reserving and renting a truck or finding another way to transport your things to a self-storage facility. We bring our storage containers right to you.

Pack on Your Schedule
Because you can keep the mobile storage containers up to 14 days, you’ll be able to do it on your schedule, whether that’s on the weekend, after work, or during the day.

Only Load and Unload One Time
Portable Storage helps you prevent damage to your belongings, which can occur each time you move your things. By only loading and unloading your belongings once into the Portable Storage container(s), you avoid a lot of the handling that occurs when you load into a truck and then into a storage unit and then back into another truck when you vacate.

Ground-Level Loading
Our Portable Storage containers sit at ground level, so there are no dangerous and difficult loading ramps to hassle with.

Convenient Size
Because our Portable Storage containers are the size of an average car, they can easily fit in your driveway or a parking spot and can be positioned by our professional drivers with the door facing whichever direction is easiest for loading or unloading. Our Portable Storage Containers are all the same size, 8 feet Long x 5 feet Wide x 7 feet in height or 280 cubic feet, that the moving industry has been using for over 75 years. This smaller size was chosen because of its proven advantage in preventing damage, since it is easier to securely pack belongings in several smaller containers than one large container.

Each Storage Container Holds 1-1 ½ Rooms
Each Portable Storage container will hold approximately 1 to 1½ rooms of furniture or household belongings. This allows you to better organize and protect your belongings by separating your nice furniture from the lawn equipment.

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